Our Icons

The Windermere Centre’s mission is “to resource the Church through hospitality and theological adventure”.  As a residential Resource Centre for Learning of the United Reformed Church, we are tasked with:

•    Developing deeper, more faithful discipleship through immersion in the Christian tradition
•    Nurturing a spirituality that equips people for life-in-mission
•    Equipping churches for relevant faith-living in the contemporary context
•    Encouraging risk-taking, mission-focused learning opportunities

We’ve tried to express some of what that means in the choice of the five icons that make up our new logo:

The Bible is foundational for faith, discipleship and mission – which of course, are three different ways of expressing the same thing. The Bible is the means through which the Living God speaks to us today, through the Holy Spirit. Being “people of the Book” means being shaped by the biblical narratives, so that there is a deep congruence between Jesus and the community of contemporary disciples (our churches) that bear his name.

We live in the age of global communication. The Internet has transformed the way in which we communicate and relate. Our lives as individuals and churches are lived both offline and online. A particular emphasis is placed on the online resources we provide to enable the churches to engage effectively in mission.

The cross stands at the centre of Christian faith. It signals the brokenness of our world, the loving self-sacrifice of God and the means of God’s salvation for the world. We “preach the cross” (1 Corinthians 1:18) because it is here we begin to understand the grace of God that is the heart of the Good News.

The Windermere Centre: it’s your place. You’ve set it up – we want you to use it in whatever ways you need. That’s why we don’t charge you to come and stay or take part in a course: we operate a policy of Pay What You Can (PWYC). And if there’s a course you want to see running, talk to us and we’ll organise it with you. It’s your space!

Church life is mission life – and mission life is Spirit-life. The Holy Spirit is the very Presence of God, within us and within our churches. The Spirit is the energy, power and source of renewal, without which our mission is lifeless, powerless and ineffective.